Creativity and Authenticity

There is no limit to creativity. Undoubtedly, the power of creativity has always been one of the greatest gifts humankind has ever received. The ideas we generate can be used to improve the life of almost every person. Many have even turned their creativity into art to cope with the heart-breaking and devastating stories we’re all facing in the real world. Some believe that creativity can help us see the world more clearly.

We can harness the potential of creativity with the help of modern-day technology and advertising, especially social media. Besides, creative products, brands and marketing campaigns are what we’re exposed to on a daily basis, so creativity is essential for marketing. Simply identifying and designing the best logo or tagline isn’t enough anymore. Now it has to represent who the brand is and what the brand stands for. That is why we’re seeing more and more successful marketing campaigns turn to art, design and all forms of creativity to stand out.

Marketing isn’t just about making something trendy. That’s only selling. Creative marketing adds value to your brand by creating authentic ideas, thoughts and feelings that are authentic to who you are.

If your marketing strategy isn’t truly authentic, it’s going to have to be changed over and over again to get your target audience to recognize you as a true representation of who you are and what your brand stands for. If you can make your marketing as creative as possible, then you’re in business selling products and services that people are genuinely interested in buying. Your creativity and ideas will ultimately stand out because your target market will feel truly represented.

Now, the real question in marketing is… “How do I keep my creativity flowing?”

Creativity is about using the power of your imagination, but sometimes our imagination can run out of ideas. In order for you to keep your imagination going, you need to feed your mind! Why don’t you take a look at all those books you have wanted to read for a while ago? Books can be a doorway to many wonders, taking your mind into incredible worlds. I bet you also have a list of movies and tv shows you haven’t watched yet. It is said that movies are the fabric of dreams. Also get out of your comfort zone by reading unfamiliar topics, watching indie movies, or any other form of art such as music and painting. It is important to allow yourself to explore the unknown. Your brain will thank you for having new concepts to process!

In some cases, people have already binge-watched everything they could, since this current pandemic has not been short of time. You should then try new hobbies! There is a lot you can create inside your own house. Even if you think you don’t have a lot of materials to create with, it will be something fun for your brain to find unconventional things to work with. The fundamental principle to enjoy this type of activity is just to create for the fun of it. Not everything you create has to be brilliant, understandable or likable. Just create for the fun of it.

The best resource to increase your creativity is by engaging with people you find interesting. Nowadays it’s easier through social media. Another’s ideas can grow differently in your mind, allowing you to see through different perspectives. If you are mature enough to respect opinions that are totally different from yours, you should also engage in a conversation with people you don’t usually agree with. There is a lot you can observe under a new light. Let new ideas grow beautifully in your mind!

Remember that any type of creation is an opportunity to understand unexplored parts of yourself. With each new creation, you will know yourself much better, allowing yourself and your brand to be more authentic! As you may have heard once, “Be A Fruit Loop In A World Full Of Cheerios!”

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