Everything You Need To Know About TikTok’s New Features

TikTok announced new features coming to the platform soon. In the past months, the platform has been announcing new features for brands and content creators to help them create more recognition and we are going to share some of the ones we think you can get the most out of.  

Descriptions with up to 2,200 characters.

TikTok has just released a new update allowing us to write up to 2200 characters in our captions (compared to only 300 before). This is significant as it gives us more opportunity to optimize our videos for search by adding relevant keywords and descriptions. By doing so, it’s more likely your video will be found when someone is searching for that topic, and it’s also more likely that TikTok will show it to the right people on their FYP. This update is important for all creators, especially those who make educational content or content specific to a certain niche, as well as businesses—even more so for local businesses who can enter in specific keywords and hashtags for their location.


TikTok Shop.

This feature allows brands and merchants to sell their products directly in the platfor

m y with that eliminate the need to go out of TikTok to a website to buy their product, making it easier for the customer to buy. Is always recommended to have as few clicks as possible to make sure the client has a good shopping experience. Is completely free to activate this on your profile, nevertheless, TikTok is going to charge a commission for the monthly sales.

Horizontal full screen.

The site is offering the option to watch the videos in horizontal position through a special button that will activate this mode. With this feature, you will also activate a play bar that indicates the remaining time, a pause button, and another one to change the speed of the video.

TikTok Now.

The users get a notification to post a picture (with the regular camera and also the front one) or a 10-second video. Apparently, it will also show in the bottom menu; not all users have access to this yet.


Search ability within the comment section.

It shows the name in blue with a magnifying glass, and when you click on them, it takes you to search results. Right now it is only available for names, but we hope that in the future it will also be available for keywords and terms to get easy access to similar topics. Nowadays, people prefer to look for something on TikTok rather than Google.


Retention rate.

This is a new metric on the platform that indicates the retention of each video that you post. It calculates the percentage of users that continue watching the video after a certain amount of time. That’s why the first few seconds of your videos are very important to catch the users’ attention so they can watch the full video.

Creator Marketplace.

It is a platform made to connect brands and content creators. More brands can now select a content creator who is a better fit for their campaign within the same app. This feature will allow brands to obtain all metrics information from influencers, from location to engagement rate.


Photo Mode.

It’s like the carousel in Instagram format (allowing you to share multiple pictures in a single post). You can add music; the viewers can then scroll automatically or swipe through each photo.


TikTok has continued to evolve and introduce new features to its platform in recent months. These features have been designed to enhance the experience of both content creators and brands, and to make it easier for them to connect with their audiences. From the ability to write longer captions and optimize videos for search, to the introduction of the TikTok Shop and Creator Market Place, there is a range of features that content creators and brands can take advantage of to increase their reach and engagement. The retention rate metric and search ability within the comment section are also noteworthy features that can help creators better understand their audience and make their content more discoverable. With these new features, TikTok is shaping up to be an even more exciting platform for content creators and brands looking to build their presence and connect with their audiences.

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